Username Guidelines

Dirtybit reserves the right to change any usernames that we consider inappropriate. 
We do not allow usernames or clan names that contain any of the following:

  • Profanity
  • Hate speech
  • Slurs
  • Personal attacks
  • Vulgarity

This list is not complete and may be subject to change.
A useful rule of thumb is to avoid any disruptive or offensive language; Just because you don't find something offensive, doesn't mean that other players will feel the same.

If you see an inappropriate username or clan name, please report this in-game or contact our support team.

Additional details

⦁    We support additional alphabets of non-English languages although we have received a large numbers of reports from users who had difficulties adding players with non-English letters. Please keep this in mind when creating a username.

⦁    Spaces between words will not be displayed.

⦁    All letters will be displayed in uppercase.

⦁    It is possible for players to have identical names, but each of the players will receive their own unique player number as displayed in the settings menu.

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