Elites Gamemode Explained

What is Elites League?

Elites League is the ultimate competition for all players with one or more animals above 1000 trophies! Participants are placed in Divisions at the start of a season, the goal is to climb to reach the top positions for Token rewards and cool runner icons! If you manage to be one of the top players in the world, you can win unique and exclusive rewards.

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How it works:

For 1 specific hour every day, a single map will be available for races. You then get to take part in a limited amount of races, so make every race count! A season lasts for 2 weeks, with rewards at the very end. 

Players will be rewarded with marks after an Elite race. Better placements give more Marks:

1: +9 Marks.

2: +5 Marks.

3: +3 Marks.

4: +2 Marks.



If runners end up with the same amount of Marks at the end of a season, special rules kick in to determine the winner:

1: Number of 1st places in the season.

2: Number of 2nd places in the season.

3: Number of 3rd places in the season.

4: Highest amount of Marks after day 7 of the season.





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