Where is the item I bought?

The store in Fun Run 2 has 7 different sections for in-game items, in addition to a Special section:  where you can find items on sale and buy Mystery Boxes and Double Coins Forever. You can wear/use one item from each section at any given time.

Avatars can be found in the second section from the top: . Each avatar has a selection of skins. You can double tap on an avatar or tap  to bring up the skins for the selected avatar:

If you bought an avatar on sale and can't find it in the main avatar section, it's most likely a skin for one of the avatars. For example, the "Definitely Not a Wolf" skin can be found among the skins for the Sheep:

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    A dirty bit game my 100 diamonds went to boss i wanted to send gifts

  • Avatar
    Erdal kaplan

    bought double coins 20000 x3 value mystery gift 1000 gems with my credit card but i havent got any gems
    I have paid cash

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    Steve L

    I just bought parrot skin on funrun3 but can't equip it

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    muhd najiy mohd diah

    i bought silver 1 value pack and didn't get it