Patch 1.1 (Oct 26, 2012)

  • New map theme: Candy World!
    • 3 new types of map elements.
    • Patches of jelly makes you bounce.
    • Patches of ice cream makes you run faster.
    • Patches of caramel makes you run very slowly.
  • 3 new maps using the new theme.
  • 15 new items in marketplace.
  • Added bots to practice mode. You can now have fun even with no internet access.
  • Easier sign-up. Email and password are optional and can be added later.
  • Please note that in order to login on more than one device you need to have a password set. If you forget your password or get logged out for whatever reason, you need to have set an email address so we can send you a new password.
  • New and better tutorial. Describes what the different powerups do. It can be found from the settings menu.
  • Added tips and message of the day.
  • All users have had their rating compressed a lot. Season 0 winners are posted on our website.
  • Added warning about possible network error ingame.
  • Minor game tweaks.
  • Bug fixes.
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