What can I get in a gift?

You can get most of the items in Fun Run 2 from Mystery Boxes, with a few exceptions:

  • Achievement rewards
  • Clan rewards
  • Items that cost less than 1000 coins, or 100 gems if the item only has a gem price
  • Power-up skins that are parts of a set (Gold, Space, Diamond)
  • Master skins
  • Weekly prizes
  • Spinning Wheel prizes

Expensive and rare items (like the Golden Fox) are less likely to be found in a gift than the more common items.

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    Vibhav Dwivedi

    Hello Dirty Bit

    Just wanted to know if we get wings in gifts or not.

    Looking forward for your response.


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    How can I get the Halloween saw blade? I guess I missed out on getting this item. And the little player in the achievement prize. Someone said I had to know or run with someone from DB.

    Thank you❤