How does Clan rating work?

Clan hall of fame is simply a sum of all games played for a Clan since its creation. "Current" Clan rating (which resets every two weeks) is weighted based on the amount of members in a clan:


  • The 10 players who earned the most rating contribute 100% of their rating.
  • Players 10-20 contribute 50% of their rating
  • Players 20-30 contribute 25%
  • Players 30-40 contribute 12%
  • Players 40-50 contribute 6%.

The idea is to allow clans that are not 50 people to compete with those that are, while still giving an advantage for being larger.

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    Shah Harsh88

    The grouping has the last data point repeating. Should it be 'Players 11-20 contribute 50% of their rating' and so on..