Username Guidelines

Dirtybit reserves the right to change any usernames that we consider inappropriate. 
We do not allow usernames or clan names that contain any of the following:

  • Profanity
  • Hate speech
  • Slurs
  • Personal attacks
  • Vulgarity

This list is not complete and may be subject to change.
A useful rule of thumb is to avoid any disruptive or offensive language; Just because you don't find something offensive, doesn't mean that other players will feel the same.

If you see an inappropriate username or clan name, please report this in-game or contact our support team.

Additional details

⦁    We recommend that you avoid special characters and symbols (e.g: ŦŲǹɌŮƝ) as it will be difficult for other players and the support staff to search for your account. For your convenience we advice using letters A-Z and number 1-9. 

    We support additional alphabets of non-English languages although we have received a large numbers of reports from users who had difficulties adding players with non-English letters. Please keep this in mind when creating a username.

    Spaces between words will not be displayed.

    All letters will be displayed in uppercase.

    It is possible for players to have identical names, but each of the players will receive their own unique player number as displayed in the settings menu.

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