Bans - How long will I be banned for?

If you break the rules by cheating, harassing other players, etc. your account will be banned for 7, 14, 30 days or more. The duration depends on the severity of the offense and if the account has been banned before. The reasoning for your ban will not be shared, to prevent the information spreading to others.

We reserve the right to revoke the limited license provided to you and to block, change or remove any Account which in our sole discretion are in breach of applicable laws or these Terms of Service. Particularly we reserve the right to block, change or remove any account suspected of hacking and/or cheating. Each account is personal and should only be used by the account owner. Cooperation with multiple people playing on the same account is considered cheating.

You can read more about the Terms of Service by clicking here.

Please do not cheat and/or harass. Help us to keep Fun Run fun!

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