How do I report harassment, inappropriate behavior and cheating?

Please report harassing players in-game by following these steps:
1. Click their player icon
2. Press "Report" 
3. Select the most accurate reason to report them 
4. If you wish to block the player as well, also select "Block player"
5. Press "Report" to send it

We encourage you to block harassing players so they cannot send you invitations in-game:
1. Click their player icon
3. Press "Block"

We also recommend that you not add people you don’t know as friends in the game, as the chat is Friends only. You can also delete friends from your Fun Run Friends list like this: 
1. Go to the Friends list. 
2. Select the “trash can” icon at the bottom of the list. 
3. Press the trash can to delete the friends you want to delete.

You can also turn off the chat option in the Settings screen, so it’s not possible to chat even with friends.

If you are experiencing this outside Fun Run 3 (on social media, other apps etc.), we encourage you to contact their own customer support for further information and if possible, block the person in these places as well.

If you are concerned about your physical safety, we urge you to contact your local law enforcement as soon as you can.

We are truly sorry for anyone who is affected, and hope that you continue to enjoy our games despite some people acting badly.


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