Friends invite

Invite your friends to play and earn awesome rewards for yourself and them!
You can earn rewards if your friend starts playing Fun Run 3 through your invite link. Generate the link and invite them by tapping the "Share with friends" button on top of your friends list or go to "Invite" section from bottom right part of your friend list and click "Invite" button there.




Your Rewards
You gain more and better rewards the more friends you invite successfully! Find the list of rewards by clicking "Invite" button in bottom right part of the friends list. The invitation has been successful once your friend reaches level 10 and has connected their account to their Google or Apple account.


Your friend's rewards
Your friend gets a kick start in playing with an XP potion reward when they reach level 5 and has connected their account to their Google or Apple account.


Players who have used the replaced Recruits system
If you have used the previous Recruits system, fear not! Your progress has been transferred to the new Invite system. Note that the person who is invited has to link their player account to their Apple or Google account before you and them can claim the Invite rewards.

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