How can I play in a party with my friends?


To play with your friends in a party, you can either invite your friends directly, or you can open a group where players can join your party through unique group codes.


Inviting your friends directly:

You can either invite your friends to your party by pressing the "+" button to the left of your character, or you can press your friends tab, and press the "+" button to the right of their username. You are able to select up to three friends to play with. When your friends have accepted your request you can then select the type of race you want to play!



Inviting your friends using group codes:

If you want to invite friends or other players to your party using group codes, you will first have to create a group. To create a group, you will need to press the "friends" tab in the menu of the game. In the "friends" tab, you will see that can either "join group" or "create group".



If you want your friends or other players to join your party, you will have to create a group. Once you  have created a group, you will be presented with a unique group code. If you share this with your friends, they will be able to connect to your party by pressing the "join group" button, and using the group code that you have shared with them. 



If you want to join a group yourself, you press the "join group" button, and use the code that the party leader has been presented with.



Please note that you will received reduced rating when racing in a party with friends.

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