Facebook login removed

Facebook login removed

As of April 2023, the option to log in through Facebook was removed, and we ask all players to connect via either Game Center or Google Play, depending on your platform.

If your account was connected to Facebook, and you have now lost access to the account, please contact us through and we will assist you in your login-issues.

Please follow these two steps when contacting us for help with the lost account:

1. Please describe your old account:

  • Amount of coins/gems
  • Name some of your friends
  • Previous usernames
  • Clan name
  • Previous clans
  • Items you own
  • Date when your account was created
  • Last login date
  • Receipts for in-app purchases


2. Connect your new account to Game Center.

When you open the game, you should have a new account. Please finish the tutorial if you haven't already and create a username for this new temporary account.


Then you will need to connect the account to your Game Center. If the game does not automatically sign you in, go to the settings menu, which is located in the top right corner in the main menu. From the settings menu go to account and then you can connect to Game Center by clicking on the icon that says disconnected.


When that is done, please send us your Support Code. In the game's main menu, go to settings and scroll down, press "Support Code". Please reply to this email with the code exactly as it is written.

We will then move the Game Center / Google Play ID back to your original account so that next time you log in, you'll be back on your old account.

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    Oren jahiem randolph

    I can’t acces my joker account I send multiple requests

  • Avatar

    I can’t login in my account

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    name of friend: i have many friends name royal TMT
    my name: royal TMT
    clan name: Eb6
    item i own: ice bear skin /black bear skin /robot bear skin/ fox skin from tournament coin

     account level: 25


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    Pîrvu Denisa

    How can I recover my account if you have disconnected from Facebook? I need my account: the name is deni#30 I had heroes cat, rabbit, bear, cheetah, turtle and I had the white rabbit skin. Help me.

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    Pîrvu Denisa

    Help me?